Monday, October 1, 2012

Wow. A Deerfield, Mass., mom created this beautiful Princess Keeah Halloween costume for her daughter last year, and she's offering it for sale on Craigslist. It's one of the nicest I've seen. (Brr! Remember the Halloween snowstorm we had last year?)

"Costume made for my daughter last year is a based on Princess Keeah from The Secrets of Droon book series. It could fit sizes 8-11 likely. Includes Tunic, leggings and gold crown paper crown and wrist bands. Will post pictures soon or with interest. Does not include belt shown."

Monday, July 2, 2012

Parent and Child Exploring Droon

Here's a Nice Reflection of a Parent and Child Exploring Droon Together; Always glad for careful readers!

The Secrets of Droon: Books 26-28 & SE#4
As I mentioned in the last post I am completely hooked on Droon.  And my son is very excited that we are getting close to the end!  What will we do?  The series itself has always been good, but it keeps getting better, with the stakes getting higher and higher.  And with Sparr being a good guy now, everything is different!  There are only three books before the Special Edition this time–it’s a strange non-pattern he’s got going on.  The Special Editions are longer and SOME of them written in a different way, but sometimes they just seem like longer books. (read more...)

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Secrets of Droon, a series by Tony Abbott (Scholastic, Inc., 1999-2010)

From Wikipedia:

Eric HinkleNeal Kroger, and Julie Rubin are three friends who accidentally discover a magical world called Droon; a rainbow staircase that appears when Eric's basement closet is dark is usually how they get to Droon. There they meet Keeah, the princess of Droon who is a wizard , they also meet Galen Longbeard who is the first wizard of Droon who are trying to defend Droon against Lord Sparr, an evil sorcerer who constantly tries to destroy Keeah and the Upper World friends and take Droon for his own to rule.
The first twelve books see Keeah, Eric, Neal, and Julie trying to find and free Keeah's mother, Queen Relna, from a curse placed on her by Sparr that forces her to shift shapes; she goes from being a bird, to a dragon, to a tiger, and finally a dolphin before becoming human again with the help of her sister, Witch Demither. The fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth books and the first special edition introduce the plot involving Zara, the Queen of Light, and her three sons: Urik, Galen, and Sparr; Zara, who was kidnapped along with Sparr by Ko, emperor of the long-lost evil Empire of Goll, and brought to Droon (as Zara and her sons were originally from the Upper World) will later become a recurringly important part of the series.
After Special Edition #1, ‘‘The Magic Escapes’’, Droon's past begins to be explored, as well as Droon's connection to the Upper World. The characters develop as well, with Eric's wizard powers (gained in Book 12, ‘‘Under the Serpent Sea’’) progressing, and Julie obtaining the powers of a wingwolf (gained in the book "The Dream Theif")- namely, to fly and shape-shift and later on her third power is revealed. In the book "The Chariot of Queen Zara" a thing happens which changes Neal's life forever. Salamandra, initially princess later Queen of shadowthorn arrives in Droon, thus marking the entry of another antagonist. But after the series goes her intention seems mostly good eventhough her alliance is always bought to a question. In Book 22, ‘‘The Isle of Mists’’, Sparr awakens Ko; however, in the process Sparr and his pet, the two-headed dog Kem, are aged back to being children, and become allies with Keeah and the Upper World children. In Book 28, ‘‘In the Shadow of Goll’’, Sparr is turned back into his adult self, though he remains the children's ally. He disappears through a hole in the earth to Droon's Underworld, but reappears in Special Edition #5, ‘‘Moon Magic’’, though fifty years older in Droon's future. He comes back to Droon's present to give the children and Galen his piece of the Moon Medallion, a magical artifact composed of four pieces created by Zara and her sons (Zara's Silver Moon [the pendant], Galen's Ring of Midnight, Urik's Pearl Sea, and Sparr's Twilight Star), before going off on his own journey.